Palmdale man returns from 2-month trip to find house ransacked


Leroy McComb certainly knows bad times. He lost his job in September. His house is in foreclosure. And he's going through a divorce. But none of that prepared him for a rude homecoming.

"The beds are all tore up, they stole the door off my daughter's bedroom," said McComb. "They stole the wiring off the side of the house to the junction box."

McComb says he went to visit his brother in Texas in February and when he returned two and a half months later he found his house ransacked, computer equipment stolen, furniture destroyed and trash scattered through every room.

"They took my pictures of my kids, they tore up memories," said McComb. "I don't have the nicest stuff in the world, but it was all I had in the world was in here. Now there's nothing left but trash and overturned furniture."

McComb says his estranged wife was so shocked by what happened that she created a Facebook page showing the some of the vandalism. McComb says he suspects former tenants of his who lived in a camper in his backyard are to blame.

He's filed a burglary report with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in Lancaster, and he's hoping detectives can track down the group who he believes is still in the Lake Los Angeles area.

"They're still running around and I don't even have a home anymore," said McComb. "This place is absolutely unlivable.

"I just want to see if I can get some of my stuff back. If I have to start over somewhere else then I have to walk away, because I don't even know if I can get any of this fixed," said McComb.

McComb is staying somewhere else because he has no electrical service.

If you have information related to the case, contact the Sheriff's Dept. at (661) 948-8466.

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