PromFit gives teens a manageable fitness program


PromFit consists of short, comprehensive workouts that include strength and cardio. They can be done in as little as five minutes daily at the participant's convenience.

"I think that's actually probably my favorite thing about it that it's such a short period of time and there's new exercises every day," said Tung.

But don't let the name fool you -- prom or not, this program is designed for teens with any fitness goal, says program creator Karen Jashinsky.

Jashinsky knows the best way to reach kids is through the Internet, because social media is so popular among young people. So, the program offers them an easy way to log on and lose weight.

"I felt like no one was really addressing that audience correctly," said Jashinsky. "The Internet, technology, the schedules that they have. You know they're over-scheduled, they're super wired."

There is a six-week prom plan and a 10-day accelerated program that are both manageable.

"I'm about to go into junior year and I can't fit in an hour workout every day. So 22 minutes really works," said Stagg.

The 10-day program costs $10. Sign up online and a workout, nutrition guide and food journal gets sent to you.

"And then every day you get emails and in the emails, the workout of the day, tip of the day, motivate and that's your opportunity to ask questions as well, reach out to us," said Jashinsky.

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