Scream your way to better health with tantrum yoga


"It's part yoga. It's part semantic therapy, it's park ancestral healing and it's loads of fun," said Frank Marino of Newport Beach.

It's created and taught by seasoned instructor Hemalayaa, who wanted more out of traditional practice.

"I need more. I need to dance, I need to shake, I need to scream, so it just felt perfectly right," she said.

The class includes proper yoga breathing, stretching and meditation, but there's also dance and vocal techniques to jumpstart joy and good health.

And no surprise - it's therapeutic for days filled with life's challenges.

"I had a nice big old fight this morning before I left home," said Taj Paxton of Santa Monica. But after a few laughs and screams, Paxton says, "It just starts to erase, and you start to forget about it, and you come out of your head, and you come into your body.

It's exactly what Hemalayaa thinks we all need.

"This is an outlet to let it out, but really it's about joy and freedom and celebration," she said. "This is what life is all about."

Hemalayaa teaches the concept at workshops and retreats, along with DVDs for home use.

This weekend, the Enliven Festival at the Manhattan Beach Marriott offers about a week's worth of ways to transform, connect and enlighten. It promises to be a real scream. For more information on the festival or getting Hemalayaa's DVDs, visit

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