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British stuntman lands 2,400-foot helicopter jump without parachute

May 24, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
A British stuntman's feat has secured him a place in history. The daredevil became the first skydiver to land safely without using a parachute.

Gary Connery, 24, jumped out of a helicopter and dove 2,400 feet. He wore a special "wingsuit," which allowed him to glide through the air.

Connery touched down on a runway in Oxfordshire made up of 18,000 cardboard boxes built by fans and supporters. He emerged unscathed and said he felt absolutely wonderful.

"I'm so choked with the turnout. It's been an amazing experience, and it was so comfortable, so soft. My calculations have obviously worked out and I'm glad they did," Connery said.

Connery helped develop that special "wingsuit." He is an experienced stuntman, who has performed in films such as "Indiana Jones," "Batman Begins" and "The Beach."