Low voter turnout in San Bernardino for California primary election


"Feels like turnout will be low today," said Michael Scarpello of the Registrar of Voters. "We're getting reports from the field that we're not very busy."

Scarpello said the lackluster turnout wasn't unexpected. Of the 328,000 ballots mailed out to registered voters in the county, less than 50 percent were returned.

Voters that did come out said they did so out of duty, rather than a strong political leaning.

"I don't really go with what people say. I believe in being consistent and try to do my part as a citizen and I think voting is one of the things you need to do," said Ben Vessup of San Bernardino.

The statewide primary election was provided voters with some new choices. California adopted a top-two primary system, meaning voters would send the top two candidates to the general election. That means two Democrats or two Republicans could face off in November.

"I was quite amazed actually because I am non-partisan, so I had the point of getting three parts, so it was amazing," said San Bernardino resident Fateimma Carter.

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