Wild LA car chase ends with head-on crash


Burbank police and California Highway Patrol officers were in pursuit of the suspect in the San Fernando Valley. The pursuit began shortly after 8 p.m. in Burbank.

The unidentified driver initially drove at posted speed limits. About 15 minutes into the chase, the driver began accelerating and reached speeds of about 120 mph, weaving in and out of traffic.

At 8:30 p.m., the suspect stopped on an overpass for less than two minutes, as at least five CHP units pulled up behind. He then drove off again.

The suspect passed North Hollywood and Valley Village and hit a highway divider and incapacitated the right-front wheel of the car. The suspect then drove onto surface streets into oncoming traffic in downtown Hollywood, where he struck two vehicles before coming to rest under an overpass. CHP officers arrested him several minutes later.

The pursuit was a horrifying conclusion to a Los Angeles vacation after a Miami family was hit head-on during the high-speed pursuit.

"I just remember swerving away from a car coming at me, and then I just rolled over," said driver Bryant Valencia. "And when everything stopped, I just remember looking over at my son hanging from his car seat upside down and my wife screaming hysterically."

Valencia's 3-year-old son was one of five people, including the suspect, who were taken to the hospital after the high-speed pursuit came to a violent end. No one was seriously injured in the crash. The suspect will likely face a long list of felony charges.

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