Jerry Sandusky trial: Defense rests, Sandusky did not testify


"The only person who could have come forward and said this didn't happen, in this particular case in these circumstances was Mr. Sandusky, and he chose not to do it," Thomas Kline, attorney for Victim 5.

The defense left the courtroom to wrap up their case in a 40-minute closed-door meeting involving attorneys, Sandusky and the judge overseeing the case. It was during that meeting that attorneys decided against Sandusky's testimony. Sandusky's lawyer told ABC News that he overruled Sandusky's willingness to take the stand.

Putting Sandusky on the stand would have been a risky decision by his attorneys, as Sandusky would have been subject to cross examination by the prosecution.

But some experts say keeping Sandusky off the stand was a good idea. In a past interview with the New York Times, Sandusky's answers only raised more questions.

"If I say, 'No, I'm not attracted to boys,' that's not the truth because I'm attracted to young people: boys, girls," he said in the interview.

Prior to resting their case, the defense had called more character witnesses.

One man told jurors he spoke to Mike McQueary the night the Penn State Coach allegedly saw Sandusky assaulting a boy in a school shower. He says McQueary's version of events differed from what he testified.

Jurors also heard from former participants in Sandusky's Second Mile charity, who claim they were never sexually abused and felt investigators were pressuring them to accuse the 68 year old.

Sandusky is charged with 51 criminal counts for alleged abuse of 10 boys over 15 years. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

Closing arguments in the trial are set for Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, the defense had a very strong day Tuesday, when Sandusky's wife, Dottie, took the stand.

She told the jury the couple's house was not the scene of multiple sexual assaults and that she never heard young men screaming from the basement.

She also described some of the victims as conniving and very clingy and said many times it was the boys who initiated affection with her husband.

"We were watching TV, and Jerry was in a La-Z-Boy, and (Victim 1) was on one couch. I was on another. And all of a sudden at a break he jumps up and runs and jumps in the chair with Jerry," she said.

Jurors will be sequestered once they get the case after closing arguments Thursday. They will deliberate through the weekend if needed.

ABC News and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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