'Brave' expected to boost Scottish tourism


Adventures by Disney has created a Scotland vacation based on "Brave." Tours begin next March.

"The 'Brave' tour is a great idea because then they can actually visit locations like the Callanish Standing Stones in Lewis ... so they can see these places do exist," said Les McInulty, a Scotland tourism expert.

There's an archery scene in "Brave" and a Scottish expert in the sport, Stewart Mackenzie, thinks the movie could hit a bull's-eye for his country.

"I think it's superb," Mackenzie said. "It's going to help tourism in Scotland. It's - as you can see - a glorious place."

Cai Murdoch, an expert in ancient Scottish clan fighting, said he believes the movie will speak to a new generation of travelers.

"No doubt we'll have a lot of Scottish girl warriors from around the world wanting to come visit the country and become a Scottish warrior," Murdoch said. "This gets children in and lets them know about Scottish history from a young age, which is absolutely brilliant.

"If no one has ever visited Scotland before, a picture speaks a thousand words. And I think that even looking at certain photographs of the highlands in Scotland, I don't know anyone that wouldn't want to come here within a heartbeat."

Maybe tourists will even enjoy the Scottish delicacies, as suggested here by Emma Thompson, who plays the queen.

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