Stilettos and Self Defense class for women in high heels


Cassetta started the program because she was attacked on a street in New York while wearing a tight dress and stilettos.

"I was able to defend myself and fend off my attacker, and I realized most women don't have those skills," she said.

Through classes at dance studios and one at Gerry Blancks Martial Arts Center, Cassetta holds seminars and offers her line of $20 DVDs to make fighting back second nature.

Women can learn to use common objects as weapons, like a comb, pen, even a rolled-up magazine.

"Even a stomp with those stilettos on the feet. That's always going to work," said Cassetta.

The ABC's of this training are awareness, boundries and communication -- something most of us aren't doing when wearing sassy clothes. And that's the exact reason for this program.

Some common errors women make while out and about are wearing head phones, living on the cell phone and having both hands filled with shopping bags and purse. All invite trouble.

If approached, Cassetta suggests dropping chin to chest for the best breathing opportunity and taking a wide base stance to stabilize then strike. She says the three best targets are eyes, throat and groin.

Her class is for all ages but know this: 80 percent of sexual assault victims are under the age of 30, with college-age girls being four times more likely to be attacked at this time in life. It's something Cassetta takes seriously.

"Moms, please get your girls trained in self defense out there before they go to school," she said.

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