India Adams, singer, considers self Hollywood 'antique'


That's because she was a secret singer for the stars. Now, almost 60 years later, Adams is still singing. You could say it's de-termination.

Adams says she needs to sing. It's something she loves and something she does every single day.

Adams has spent her life in music. If you've ever seen "The Band Wagon," you've heard her voice.

"'The Band Wagon' had just come out and Dorothy Killgallen, who was a very big columnist at the time, had in her column, 'the biggest guessing game around Radio City Music Hall is who's singing for Cyd Charisse?' and I thought, 'I'll phone her up! I'll tell her!' But, you know, they swore you to secrecy, and I just couldn't do it," said Adams.

Charisse got the glory, until many years later when Adams performed at a fundraiser for the society of singers.

"And who was in the third row but Cyd Charisse as I announced that this was what I sang for Cyd Charisse in 'The Band Wagon.' She did not come to see me afterwards. She was a cold fish," said Adams, with a laugh. "She really was."

Adams did not feel the same way about Joan Crawford. She provided Crawford's singing voice for the movie, "Torch Song."

Crawford sent Adams a thank you note for her work. In it:

"I hope that I can do as great an acting job as you did a singing job. You were so sensitive to my every suggestion and who am I to suggest to you?" said Adams, as she recalled Crawford's message.

Now, at the age of 85, Adams is rehearsing for two upcoming shows at the Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood.

"I choose songs that I really can relate to, that I really love doing," she said. "Actually, in this show, I'm doing, for the first time, I'm doing a Beatles medley."

Adams hinted that she is also willing to take on a gig of another sort.

"I think I'm perfect for some of the late night shows as a guest, even though I'm not that well-known, because I'm an oddity. I mean, look at me! I'm a walking, talking, singing antique!" she said.

Adams will take the stage July 13-14 at the Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood.

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