Comic-Con 2012: Celebs, families gather for fun


For the next four days, it's all under one big roof at Comic-Con, held at the San Diego Convention Center. Comic-Con is always an interesting visual experience. You'll find characters at pretty much every turn. A certain Catwoman from the 1960s was even spotted there Thursday.

"I'm here to sign autographs for a certain length of time, and it's a lot of fun," said Lee Meriwether. "You get to meet the fans and the people who still remember you! It's a miracle!"

There are some scary figures at Comic-Con, too, which may explain the costume weapons check. Real weapons are not allowed.

Comic-Con also has day care for $11 an hour. Susan Tillman, the program manager of KiddieCorp, says the activities for the children are endless and include arts and crafts, board games, group games and a jumpy house.

And indeed for some of the 100,000 fans expected, this is a family affair.

"This was my Christmas present from my dad, for Christmas, so I'm guessing I get to lead everybody around," said young Comic-Con attendee Claire Hendricks of Santa Cruz.

There are plenty of celebrities at Comic-Con too, including the cast of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." They say while the film saga is coming to an end, it will certainly go out with a bang.

"This one is as epic as it can be," said Taylor Lautner. "We're all really excited. I definitely think the ante will be stepped upped."

So what exactly can fans expect?

"It's way more dynamic and action-filled and thrilling and scary than I think it is (in) the experience of reading the book," said actress Elizabeth Reaser.

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