Bear family makes repeat visits to Altadena house


Two nights in a row, Altadena resident Dustin Kelly and his family found the trio of bears in their back yard, and Tuesday night's encounter was caught on tape.

Kelly said the bears showed up at his home twice in two days - both times at 10:30 p.m. He said the three bears sprawled out on his lawn and enjoyed the night air.

"As long as we kind of kept our distance and didn't bother them, they really didn't bother us," Kelly said.

He said the bear trio has visited his neighborhood about seven or eight times in the past.

Kelly has named the mama bear Lucy and the kids Boo Boo and Bam Bam. Lucy at one point attacked Kelly's family dog, but the dog is doing OK.

Authorities say since the bears are not showing any major signs of aggression, they're just telling people to stay away from them.

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