Mountain lion confirmed in Griffith Park


Animal experts believe the mountain lion made its way from the Santa Monica Mountains to Griffith Park.

A 3-year-old male mountain lion, or cougar, is called "P-22" by scientists was captured on a remote camera.

National Park Service scientists captured him in March and put a radio collar on him to track his diet, movement and habitat.

"That we have one in Griffith Park here is a testament to the health of the ecosystem here, that even amongst all these freeways and development and people, we do have a top carnivore, a mountain lion, surviving here," said National Park Service Biologist Jeff Sikich.

Biologists say they're reclusive animals, usually coming out only at night and staying away from humans and developed areas. Attacks on humans are extremely rare.

"You do not want to run. You want the mountain lion to know you are a person and not a deer," said Sikich. "So make yourself appear large, yell at it. Chances are the lion will run the other way. They're very secretive and elusive animals.

"Even us researchers who have been following them the past 10 years, we have rarely seen them," said Sikich.

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