Teen found pouring gas outside sleeping mom's bedroom after argument

TUSTIN, Calif.

"All along the wall, so he tried to burn us up," said victim Olivia Trujillo while pointing to where she says her 16-year-old son doused her flower beds with gasoline following an argument.

"He got really mad, so he tried to put gasoline," Trujillo said.

The victim said she and her son had argued about his out of control behavior and her suspicions about drug use early Sunday night. The night prior, her son had gone to a party despite being told he couldn't. Her husband who is her son's stepfather stepped into the argument after her son became violent and pushed her.

"He was waiting for us to go to sleep so could come back and light it up. He had everything ready," said Trujillo.

The suspect's plan included setting fire to the house and the area directly outside his mother's bedroom window. Trujillo said she doesn't know what would have happened had her husband not turned off the air conditioner and opened a window.

"A few seconds after he opened the window, my little one said, 'Oh mom it smells bad, it smells gas,' my husband jumped out of the bed," Trujillo said.

Trujillo's husband walked outside the Tustin home and caught his 16-year-old step son carrying a gasoline can. When asked about it, the high school sophomore confessed.

"He said I want you dead, I want you to die," Trujillo said.

Her son is now at the Orange County Juvenile Detention Center charged with attempted murder of his mother.

Despite being shaken and tired after a long night's ordeal, Trujillo is still worried about her son's welfare.

"It's my son, you know, and I don't want him to be in jail for a long time. We're afraid too, so I don't know what's going to happen," said Trujillo.

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