Kelly Thomas formally cleared of wrongdoing


"I've always wants Kelly's name cleared," he said. "The accusations that he broke officers' bones, he had stolen property in a stolen backpack, that he tried to break into cars, all of that has gone away."

On Tuesday, the Fullerton Police Department formally cleared Thomas of any wrongdoing.

During the City Council meeting, acting Police Chief Dan Hughes read a statement reiterating an independent consultant's finding that officers instigated the beating.

Thomas says he has notched another victory in his son's name.

"It's some closure that's just another part of getting justice for Kelly," the father said.

The victories have been bittersweet. The photo of a badly beaten Kelly Thomas, along with surveillance video of the confrontation, set in motion a series events. Protests erupted in Fullerton over the beating, the police chief retired, three City Council members were recalled from office and two of the officers involved in the beating - Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli are set to go to trial next year.

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