'Dancing With The Stars': Smith, Marini lead; Round 1 elimination Tuesday night


See a full dance-by-dance recap of this week's 'Dancing With The Stars: All Stars'

Season 3 champs Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke came out and performed as though they'd never stopped dancing together. Their Cha-Cha just edged out the Foxtrot done by Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd.

Gilles and Peta earned 24 points out of 30 for their elegant performance.

Emmitt and Cheryl just slipped by them with a score of 24 and a half. All three judges had high praise for the routine, which looked effortless and downright fun.

"Well, having fun is part of dancing. If you can get the routine down and allow your own body to enjoy the moment and allow your personality to come out and enjoy the dance, it releases a lot of the pressure," said Emmitt. "And you don't worry about how you stack up. You just go out and have a good time."

"It would be lovely to go second place to first, the end," said Gilles. "I don't want the stress."

"I just want to stay in the 1 and 2s," said Peta. "I don't think it could have gone any better," said Peta.

On the other hand, things could have gone better for the two couples who landed in the bottom two.

Pamela Anderson and Tristan MacManus were last, with 17 points.

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy managed a slightly higher score of 19 out of 30.

"Look, the bad news is we didn't get as high a score as we would have liked, but the good news is it can only go up," said Kirstie.

"Right up in there. We're right up in there," said Maks.

"We're not dead last but, you know, it's not where you want to be," said Kirstie. "We're not at the bottom but, you know, we're close enough to scare the hell out of me."

See a full dance-by-dance recap of this week's 'Dancing With The Stars: All Stars'

"Nobody said it was going to be easy," said Maks.

"I just got to rehearse more," said Pam. "I've got the fantasy part down and the character and stuff. It's just being consistent with the dancing. I love performing. I love this, and just dancing, it just adds more to what I really want to do. And I just really hope we can do more."

Will Pamela get the chance to dance again? One of the 13 couples will get eliminated Tuesday night. "Dancing With The Stars" results show airs at 8 p.m. on ABC7.

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