Hero dog who lost snout to get treatment at UC Davis

DAVIS, Calif.

WARNING: Video has graphic images and may be difficult to watch

Kabang is on American soil looking for a miracle. Her snout and upper jaw were sheared off about a year ago in the Philippines after she threw herself in front of a motorcycle that was about hit her owner's daughter and niece. The heroics to save the young girls have garnered her international fame.

"Wow, that just goes to show how much our pets love us unconditionally and will save us," said dog owner Becky Huls.

The world-renowned UC Davis Veterinary Hospital is looking to see what they can do for Kabang, who was brought to California by his vet in the Philippines, Anton Lim.

"She's really a national hero in the Philippines," Lim said.

While Kabang seems to be able to eat and do other normal things, a website raised the $20,000 needed for her flight and care.

"I followed some of their latest innovations, and we're very hopeful that Kabang will get the best and modern care that she needs," Lim said.

Dog owners come to UC Davis animal hospital from far and near to get help. One dog named Batman was outfitted with a wheelchair after getting hit with a car, and another named Whiskey recently got a cutting-edge, lifesaving operation for a new jawbone.

People at UC Davis are rooting for Kabang.

"It's remarkable and it's amazing; she got the funding to do that, and we just hope we can do whatever we can to make her happy, healthy and be able to enjoy life like she deserves," Anjali Daryani said.

Vets believe Kabang will need at least two surgeries: One for dental work and the second would attempt to close the gaping wound on her face.

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