Denzel Washington embraces role of alcoholic pilot in 'Flight'


How dramatic is it? Well, Washington has definite opinions about his character.

"He lies, he manipulates people, he drinks too much," Washington said about the often unlikeable character he plays. He's an experienced airline pilot who's also a raging alcoholic.

During one of his binges, he skillfully manages to land a disabled plane. At first, he's a hero who's saved 95 lives. Then his secret is uncovered.

Even though moviegoers may not like some of the things his character does, Washington thinks most people will relate to the situation of knowing someone who needs help, but won't accept it.

"He does try for the first two or three days right after the crash, to not drink," Washington said. "Then when he finds out what the consequences are, he walks unfortunately right past a bar. One leads to 100."

Since so many people struggle with addiction, Washington hopes the themes of this film will be discussed long after the final credits.

"I'm not one to talk a whole lot about movies I've done," Washington said, "because quite frankly after I've done the press, I've said all I can possibly say. This is a different film. It might spark different conversation."

"Flight" lands in theatres Nov. 2.

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