Gluten allergy? Double-check these items, spaces


By now you have heard that gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, can make some people sick, and it's hard to get rid of because gluten comes under many aliases. Here's a hard look in your kitchen, and also your house, to see where gluten is hiding.

Take kitchen appliances: Toasters, toaster ovens will have lingering crumbs that stick to grates and grills. If you don't have a dedicated gluten-free toaster, you'll need to dump crust tray and clean insides well after each use.

You'll also want to clean the cutting board with hot soapy water and be sure to prepare gluten-free foods first.

Think also about spreads like peanut butter, where double-dipping the knife could result in crumbs containing gluten in the jar.

Also, be concerned about a cookie, candy and snack jars. Candy like licorice, malt balls and chocolate crunch bars may have it.

Having separate containers for gluten free snacks is also a good idea.

Of course bread products are a concern, but you can also find gluten in Asian food, even in wine, champagne and hard alcohol.

Outside the kitchen you may be stunned at where you'll find gluten: lick-able envelopes and stamps; rubber gloves may be dusted with wheat or oat flour. Also all kinds of cosmetics and personal care items may have it, even bar soap.

Finally, check your medicine cabinet. Because modified food starch, found in food, is corn-based. But oftentimes it's put in prescription medication; it might be wheat-based. So check your allergen statement and if it's not available, make sure and call your manufacturer.

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