OC coastal homes prepare for westerly swell


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In the past, high surf has sent water rushing to beachfront homes, but the city of Seal Beach has constructed a barrier to keep the ocean at bay.

"As a renter here, I don't have a lot of property to lose, so I'm kind of selfish with my view," said Ron Larson. "But I see the necessity for it."

Earlier Thursday, surfers celebrated the high surf that was triggered by the storm.

It was a surfer's playground at El Porto in Manhattan Beach, as the storm brought the first big waves of the season. Waves are supposed to be even bigger on Friday.

"It's fun, it's very exciting," said Rick Dinicola of Westchester. "It's great out there."

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Surfers were out early to catch the large swells. Mike Emory, who is visiting from Sydney, Australia, said he's been waiting a long time for a day like this.

"I've been here for three months, and I haven't any swell like this the whole time, so it's pretty good. Happy days," he said.

A lifeguard kept an eye on the many surfers dotting the water. Conditions were fair, and there wasn't much of a rip current, but these waves were not for beginners.

"There's some big ones. There's some good double overhead, I mean, you feel like you're sitting on top of a house," Dinicola said.

The storm is supposed to last until Sunday, creating high surf for west-facing beaches. Beaches in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties could see waves from six to 12 feet, with some sets topping out at 15 feet.

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