USC enforces new nighttime security policy


A USC ID is the only ticket in for students and staff between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. If they want to invite guests on campus, they must pre-register them at The new policy went into effect Monday night.

"I think it's a good idea, because there have been a lot of issues with security on campus lately," said USC senior Ryan Goldstein.

Uninvited suspected gang members opened fire on a crowd outside an organized dance on campus last Halloween. Four non-USC students were injured, including former Crenshaw High School football stand-out Geno Hall. And early last year, two USC students from China were shot to death nine blocks off campus.

Some students said the new policy is an extra precaution that is needed.

"Asking for an ID or for someone to check-in, you know, there's really no harm in it," said USC freshman Daniel Silvermintz.

Others aren't so thrilled about the idea, calling it "an overreaction."

"The gates make students feel more threatened rather than more safe," said USC sophomore Michael McBride.

Bryan Tallichet, a USC Freshman, said that if someone was really trying to get on campus, the new rules wouldn't stop them.

In addition to more security guards, USC is also adding extra surveillance cameras and license plate readers for all the cars that come on campus.

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