6 sought in San Dimas armed jewelry robbery


The brazen break-in occurred in the 400 block of West Arrow Highway around 2:30 p.m. Friday. The men hid behind ski masks and bandanas and brandished blue steel handguns during the frightening robbery.

Authorities said the armed robbers stormed San Dimas Jewelry Mart after an employee unknowingly the security door to allow a woman inside. The woman, later identified as the female accomplice, held the door open for five men.

Once inside, the men forced employees to the ground and began smashing glass display cases. They removed a large amount of merchandise and placed them in their pockets and backpacks before fleeing.

"There were four or five guys that came in from the side," owner John Chakbazof said. "We didn't see them. They stormed the store. It was about 2, 2 1/2 minutes whole thing happened. They broke everything, every showcase."

Chakbazof says he's grateful no one was hurt during the burglary and is hoping the suspects will soon be behind bars.

"We've been here since we moved out of L.A. more than 28 years ago, same location never seen something like this before and hope never again," Chakbazof said.

Thanks to the stores' numerous security cameras, the burglary was caught on camera. Detectives said they're following up several leads before releasing the video.

Anyone with information regarding the robbery was asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's San Dimas Station at (909) 450-2700.

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