Las Vegas fatal shooting suspect set for identity hearing


The suspect was represented by a public defender during the first step toward extraditing him to Nevada.

An identity hearing was scheduled for March 14 to determine whether the man in custody is, in fact, Ammar Asim Faruq Harris.

Harris, 26, is accused of shooting an aspiring rapper named Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr., also known as Kenny Clutch, on Feb. 21. The suspect's gunfire caused a chain-reaction crash that killed two additional people and injured at least five others.

Harris got into an argument with the self-promoted rapper in the valet area of a Las Vegas casino. Witnesses said the arguing continued as the two men drove away in separate cars along Las Vegas Boulevard. Police say that's when Harris began shooting from his black Range Rover into the Maserati sports car Cherry was driving, fatally wounding him. Cherry's vehicle then careened into a taxi cab, which exploded into flames, killing the cab driver and his 48-year-old passenger from Washington state.

Harris' attorney says he will fight extradition to Nevada.

Tehran Boldon, brother of cab driver Michael Boldon, watched the court proceeding in tears. Michael Boldon and his passenger were unable to escape.

"Mike was a real American, an honest, hard-working, God-fearing grandfather, brother, uncle," Tehran Boldon said.

He brought with him a bulletin from his brother's funeral.

"I just wanted to get Mr. Harris' attention and let him see the obituary that he helped create," Tehran Boldon said.

Tehran Boldon wants to know how Harris got a gun. The violence took more than a breadwinner, he said. Michale Boldon was a caregiver for his 93-year-old mother.

"My brother would put her to bed, make her dinner ... bathe her in the morning," Tehran Boldon said.

The suspect was arrested Thursday by a team of police and federal agents in Studio City. Harris faces 11 felony counts, including murder and attempted murder. The Las Vegas District Attorney said he's considering seeking the death penalty for Harris, stating the suspect showed complete disregard for human life when he opened fire on one of the busiest streets in the nation.

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