Hollywood armed robbery suspects sought


According to police, two or three young men, armed with hammers knives and possibly a Taser, began robbing people at random around 11 p.m.

The burglaries took place in intervals of about five minutes and each robbery involved a single victim.

The first robbery occurred at the intersection of Yucca Street and Las Palmas Avenue. According to police, the suspects then made their way south through the city.

Sarah Lilly lives near the corner of Schrader Boulevard and Selma Avenue, where the suspects struck next.

"A lot of people come through this area," Lilly said. "A lot of people come here to party and they have money and they want to spend it and I guess they become targets, it's pretty horrible."

The third robbery occured near Lexington Avenue and June Street.

Michael Bourne, who owns a business near the area, wasn't surprised when he heard about the incident.

"Fortunately for us as a business, it seems to be happening at night but still it clouds the area in terms of potential renters and us doing business," Bourne said.

The rampage ended on the corner of Cahuenga Boulevard and Waring Avenue. According to police, the robbers mugged a man who was walking to his car, carjacked his Prius and made off with the victim's phone, wallet, and saxophone.

The suspects then drove down a block from the carjacking and ditched the car for reasons unknown before fleeing south on foot on Cahuenga Boulevard.

No one was hurt.

The suspects, described as Hispanic hoodie-clad males in their late teens or early 20s, will be charged with four counts of armed robbery, one count of attempted carjacking and vandalism upon their arrest.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery spree in Hollywood was urged to contact LAPD at (877) 527-3247.

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