Good Samaritans honored for helping Riverside officers ambushed by Chris Dorner


On Feb. 7, two Riverside police officers were on patrol when Dorner allegedly pulled up next to them at a red light and opened fire with an assault rifle in an ambush-style attack. Officer Michael Crain died but 27-year-old Officer Andrew Tachias survived. Two Good Samaritans came to help and called for backup, which was instrumental in saving Tachias' life, authorities say.

One of the helpers was Karam Kaoud, who was driving a cab that night. He watched in shock as Dorner allegedly opened fire on the two officers. He then helped the badly wounded Tachias call for backup.

He said Tachias' attention was completely focused on his partner, all while he was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

While Kaoud helped the two officers, the other Good Samaritan, Jack Chilson, followed Dorner and provided police with important information on his location.

"After he took off casually, I spun around and I went after him," Chilson said. I wanted to let the police department know immediately and tell them which way he was going. He had to be caught."

He says he wishes he could have done more.

"I wish I could have not caught him not personally, but let them know where he was at, before anyone else would have gotten hurt, like that second officer," Chilson said.

Both Chilson and Kaoud were honored by the Riverside Police Department. Both downplay what they did - they just hope Tachias makes a swift recovery.

Crain, 34, was an 11-year veteran of the Riverside Police Department and worked as a field training officer. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Dorner was wanted for killing Cal State Fullerton assistant basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiancé Keith Lawrence. In addition to Crain, Dorner is also suspected of killing San Bernardino Detective Jeremiah MacKay.

After evading capture for nearly a week, Dorner was eventually tracked down to a cabin in Angelus Oaks, where he fired at officers during a dramatic last stand. MacKay was killed during the shootout, after which the cabin went up in flames.

Charred remains found inside the cabin were positively identified as Dorner. An autopsy revealed Dorner died from a single gunshot wound to his head, which appeared to be self-inflicted.

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