Cool Kid inspires kids with toy loan program


"Teach you cooperation, teach you how to take care of things. It also keeps the kids busy," Akerele said. "They're not outside doing bad things."

Not only does she volunteer at the center, she also makes sure the kids have more toys and more rewards.

"In writing grants, I'm able to fund the program in a way, so that we can get better and newer toys for the kids, Akerele said.

Her reward? That's simple: It's the smiles from the ones she helps.

"Just to see them so happy from a simple toy is just the greatest joy for me," Akerele said.

She is deeply involved in her neighborhood, but she sees her sense of community reaching worldwide.

"I also want to do a type of doctors without borders type of thing, where not only am I working in the community and helping those without health care get equal health care, but I'm also traveling around the world," Akerele said.

Children need someone special to inspire and teach them. Akerele does all that with a smile too.

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