High-performance fantasy cars of your dreams


For many, the very definition of an exotic car is a Lamborghini. Very Italian, very powerful, very pricy. And if you're going to cough up a couple hundred grand for a Lambo, why not make it a convertible? Or Spyder, as they call it.

Or perhaps something from the land of the royals is more in order for you and your lofty car budget. Good news: There's a new top-of-the line Aston Martin this year -- the Vanquish.

"'Vanquish' means so many different things. But if you vanquish your opponent, that's a very, very strong euphemism," said Stuart McIntosh, sales manager at Galpin Motors.

Vanquishing opponents with a big punch under the hood, and a big number on the window sticker. Astons also coddle their occupants in British hides and other niceties.

And if you're playing out the whole James Bond fantasy with a new custom Vanquish, the Galpin Motors Club Aston is a pretty special place to select your paint, leather and so on.

"This is the only Aston Marton showroom that gives you the feel of being in a living room or by a bar, or certainly part of a club," said McIntosh.

At Galpin Aston Marton, you don't just take delivery of your new car in some parking lot. Oh no: an actual vault door is opened to reveal your new treasure, and you are united with your dream car.

Of course, dream cars are created in the USA too.

There's a new Corvette coming this summer, but if you can't wait, the ultimate variation on the current generation is the ZR1. Staggering horsepower from its supercharged V-8 engine and a staggering price tag for something wearing a Chevy badge: over $120,000.

That makes the new 2013 SRT Viper seem like a bargain at closer to a hundred grand, before options. All-new this year, the Viper has gone to finishing school and graduated into true exotic territory. And like the Vipers that came before it, 10 cylinders boom out a thunderous exhaust note.

Exotic cars with exotic price tags are what many people dream about. Just remember to budget some of those lottery winnings for gas and insurance.

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