Shark bites kayak off coast of Pacifica


A man was fishing from his kayak Tuesday afternoon around 5 p.m. when an unknown species of shark swam up and bit the boat, according to a police report.

Kayaker Micah Flanaburg says as he looked back, the shark came up straight underneath him and his whole kayak was lifted out of the water. Flanaburg said that as it grabbed hold of the kayak, it started shaking the boat front to back and wouldn't let go.

Flanaburg said the attack was around 10 seconds, but it felt much longer.

The shark circled the kayak, then swam away. Flanaburg was not injured. He was able to return to shore unharmed.

Police said shark-warning signs would be posted in the area. They said the area is not frequented by swimmers or surfers.

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