San Francisco plane crash: Passengers called 911 begging for help


The 911 calls reveal a tremendous amount of frustration, as passengers got on their cellphones and pleaded for help, which they felt wasn't coming fast enough.

San Francisco officials say first responders were delayed because of concerns the plane could explode. The passengers and the injured did not know about that.

Two 16-year-old girls died in the crash and dozens more were hurt. Crews are beginning to remove the wreckage of the Boeing 777 from the runway.

San Francisco International Airport is cleaning up the debris from Saturday's plane crash in an effort to return operations to normal.

The National Transportation Safety Board says Asiana Airlines Flight 214 plane was too slow and low when it tried to land Saturday, resulting in a crash-landing.

Officials now say one pilot called to abort the landing just three seconds before the crash, another pilot made the same call a second and a half later.

A flight attendant was released from the hospital Thursday. Five others remained hospitalized.

Six of the 12 flight attendants onboard returned to South Korea Thursday, five days after the deadly plane crash.

The pilot, who was still learning to fly the 777 jet, told investigators he saw a flash of light when he was landing the plane. The NTSB says the other pilots didn't see that light and there was no mention of it on the cockpit voice recorder.

The NTSB says that after the crash landing, all passengers were evacuated before the fire onboard became significant.

The San Francisco Fire Department says passengers may not have seen all of the rescue vehicles because they were dispatched to a staging area. One flight attendant says serious injuries to her colleagues delayed the evacuation process.

Investigators are still interviewing first responders and waiting to talk to the flight attendants who were badly hurt in the accident.

The 911 calls were released by the California Highway Patrol Wednesday after National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman said flight attendants were initially told by the pilot not to evacuate the airplane.

A vigil is planned in West Hills Thursday night for the two girls who were killed in the crash. Wang Linjia and Ye Mengyuan were en route to Southern California to attend summer camp at West Valley Christian School.

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