Record shoe collector killed in Menifee; boyfriend arrested


Just looking at 58-year-old Darlene Flynn's house from the outside, you can tell the person who lived there was a big fan of shoes. In fact, Flynn was recently featured on the TLC show, "My Collection Obsession," where she told viewers she had 14,999 shoe-related items.

Also featured on the show was Flynn's boyfriend, 29-year-old Justin Smith.

"Well, Darlene, that's all she talks about in the morning are shoes, shoes, and shoes," Smith said on the show.

Now Smith is in custody for Flynn's murder. On Monday, a neighbor called police because of yelling coming from the home. When authorities arrived, they found Flynn's body in the backyard swimming pool and saw Smith running away from the scene shirtless.

Neighbor Steven Danford says he knew that not all was right between the couple next door.

"I'd hear her yelling. They'd be fighting a little bit, every couple of months or so," said Danford. "He'd be fighting with her, and he'd take off, and come back a couple hours later. They just did not get along real well, it seemed like, but he kept coming back."

Investigators said Flynn's body had signs of blunt force trauma. Smith has been charged with murder. His arraignment is scheduled for Thursday.

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