Cool Kid committed to protecting environment


"It's just so that we can keep our area looking more clean and also to reduce the amount of waste that can go into the oceans, sewers and streets," she said.

Since first grade at Urbita Elementary School, Cool Kid Amanda has been involved with the environmental club, Earth Savers. She returns to her school to teach these kids these valuable lessons.

"How to save our environment, about natural resources, how to be more energy conservative, and just trying to educate them more so that we have a new generation of kids who can help our environment more," she said.

And on a national level, Amanda has won awards with the National Energy Education Development Project. It's that national reach that she wants for a career.

"I'm actually interested in the Bureau of Land Management. Or maybe I'll go more scientific, working on different technologies that can help fix this," she said.

Amanda sees the urgency and impact of what she does on a local and global level.

"We need to fix it. So, it's my concern that we're destroying it, and nobody's doing anything about it, and it's not OK anymore," she said.

For Cool Kid Amanda Ramirez-Sebree, protecting our fragile environment is where she sees her future. She wants a healthy planet for the next generation too.

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