Man shot at by Torrance police in Chris Dorner hunt gets $20K


David Perdue has received $20,000 from the city of Torrance to pay for his damaged truck. But Robert Sheahen, Perdue's attorney, says his client's life has changed dramatically since the incident, and he should receive millions.

Perdue's black pickup truck was riddled with bullet holes in February during the manhunt for Dorner, the former LAPD officer who went on a rampage that left four people dead. Sheahen says his client was injured when officers rammed his truck, pulled him out of the vehicle and held a gun to his head.

Sheahen says Perdue, a former baggage handler at Los Angeles International Airport, has not been able to work since the incident.

The $20,000 will help cover living expenses for himself, his wife and two children, but a lawsuit has been filed, seeking millions of dollars in compensation for Perdue's injuries.

"You've got all manner of damages. You've got damages from the impact, you've got the psychological damages from the shooting, and you've got nightmares, and he is unable to sleep, and he is unable to work, and he is unable to walk properly. It's just been a living hell for this family," said Sheahen.

Two women who were delivering newspapers were shot by LAPD during the manhunt. They were paid $4.2 million by the city of Los Angeles.Sheahen believes Perdue deserves similar compensation, and Sheahen hopes to continue negotiations with the city of Torrance.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Torrance Police Department. They had no comment on this case.

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