Man's ashes stolen during home burglary in Bellflower


The burglars crawled through a bedroom window while Beatris Batres was at work. Her mother came home to find the TV, an Xbox, a computer monitor, a printer, and jewelry stolen. But that's not all.

"I don't know why, but the first thing I asked was, 'Are my dad's ashes there?' And she says, 'They're gone,'" said Batres.

Her father, Antonio, died in August and was cremated in Mexico. The ashes were in a wooden box on a shelf in the hallway. Batres says her father wanted his ashes to be buried with his father in Wilmington.

"He goes, 'Take me back home and when my dad dies, put me in with my dad,'" recalled Batres, who explained that her grandpa is still alive. "He goes, 'Put me in his casket so I could be buried with my parents.'"

Batres hopes whoever took her father's ashes will have the decency to leave the box on her doorstep or turn it in at the sheriff's station in Lakewood, where she filed a report.

"Everything else is material, but this is somebody that needs to be home," said Batres.

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