'Fifth Estate' is balanced drama - Benedict Cumberbatch


"This is about people journalism. This is about a new evolution in how we disseminate information, the flow of information and access of information. You know, there are very, very complicated issues that go with that about transparency but at the same time, isn't it great that we're in a democracy where it's possible to hold people to account?" Cumbarbatch said.

"All of that comes together in this film, and the thing that thrilled me watching it was going, 'That's a really, that's a very, very balanced drama,'" he added.

Cumberbatch has become one of the most sought after actors in recent years. He caught our attention here in the states in "Star Trek Into Darkness."

And for the foreseeable future, his dance card is full. Along with "The Fifth Estate," we'll also see him in "12 Years a Slave," "August Osage County" and "The Hobbit."

"I've overexposed myself to myself. That sounds a bit dirty," Cumberbatch joked, adding he's actually enjoying this high-point in his career.

"I'm proud enough of every single project I'm in to be looking forward to it, because of the other work that's around me, so it's not all about me, and I can genuinely say it's varied enough as a slate to not fear too much overexposure, I think," he said.

It all begins with "The Fifth Estate," which hits theaters this weekend.

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