Cool Kid gets bicycles to orphans for school


Sebouh Bazikian heard about the plight of orphans in Kenya through a family friend. And once he heard, he knew he wanted to help in some way.

"They're barely getting enough government care," said Sebouh. "Some of their parents gave them up because they couldn't raise them. So they were orphans by parent's choice. So they've been abandoned, there's been broken promises throughout their lives."

Sebouh, who is a senior at St. Francis High School, says a big challenge for the Kenyan kids was a two-hour walk from the orphanage to school. Many couldn't walk that far, and were losing out on a chance for an education.

But Sebouh had an idea.

"I offered a simple solution to a problem. And my passion was cycling. I've been a cyclist for four years," said Sebouh. "So bicycles seemed like the perfect solution."

Sebouh's goal? To buy and donate 43 bicycles so that kids could get to school every day.

"I recruited my friends because raising over $5,000 is not easy for only one person to do," said Sebouh. "So together through various fundraisers we raised the money and everything."

He reached that goal, but even better, Sebouh was there when the bikes arrived. He saw the happiness and hope in the kids. And that's what's inspired him to keep on helping.

"Recently we've merged with another organization called Focus On Children Now," said Sebouh. "And we've pledged to donate 50 bicycles to orphans in Armenia."

Sebouh Bazikian's commitment to help kids get to school continues, and that's what makes him our Cool Kid.

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