Salon Meritage shooting: Victim's widow may lose Seal Beach home


Paula Caouette lost her husband, Dave Caouette, on Oct. 12, 2011, as he sat in his Range Rover outside the Salon Meritage. The couple shared an old-fashioned love story and a tragic ending no one expected.

"She's been with my dad since they were in their teens. She's lost everything, and she's losing everything," said the couple's son, Paul Caouette.

The 64-year-old was one of eight people killed in the massacre just over two years ago. His family says it feels like two days ago.

"When something like this happens, it doesn't go away. Your life never returns to normal. You can keep moving forward, and I think all of us have tried the best we can," said Paul Caouette.

But for Paula, one tragedy came with another. First, she lost her husband and, now, she may lose the Seal Beach home they shared for 20 years.

"It's just one thing after another and it's a snowball effect. I feel for her with all my heart," said Paul Caouette.

Dave Caouette was between jobs when he was murdered. His family says he had temporary life insurance, but says the company is refusing to pay benefits, claiming the 64-year-old didn't sign the form.

Without the money, his wife fell behind on the mortgage. Nationstar is now foreclosing on their condo, and, according to the family, is refusing to work with them to find a possible solution.

"She deserves some help. My goal is to try to find a kind-hearted investor and to purchase my mom's mortgage and to give us some time with a lease option," said Paul Caouette.

As angry and frustrated as they are with the insurance and mortgage companies, Caouette's family says there is only one person to blame: Scott Dekraai, the suspected gunman.

"He's 100 percent behind that. This is an effect and it's ongoing. We're one family that's still dealing with the effects of his decision," said Paul Caouette.

Paula Caouette has just a couple of weeks until the foreclosure is filed. An online fundraiser has been set up for people to donate.

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