Rare identical triplets born to SoCal family


The chance of having naturally born triplets is about one in half a million births.

The three healthy boys, named Patrick, Owen, and Liam, were born to the Dooleys at Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach.

Their parents say they can't wait to get the babies home, even though things are about to get very crowded.

"We were very shocked when we found out we were having three babies because we did nothing to have more than one and multiples don't run in our family. So once we got over the shock, we've just been really excited and anticipating this day," said April Dooley.

The Dooleys say one of their biggest challenges right now is figuring out how to tell the boys apart.

The triplets have a big sister who's 5 years old. She told her parents she can't wait to meet her little brothers.

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