Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ticketed for public intoxication, jaywalking

VANCOUVER, British Columbia

Ford was visiting Vancouver Friday for the funeral of a friend's mother.

A photo on Twitter shows the mayor while he was being ticketed Friday night. According to a witness, the mayor told police officers, "I thought it was looser on the West Coast. I thought you were cooler over here."

The embattled mayor acknowledged last year that he had smoked crack, but he has rebuffed pressure to resign.

Ford is currently being sued by his sister's ex-boyfriend for allegedly conspiring to have the man beaten in jail to prevent his illicit behaviors from becoming known.

A lawsuit submitted Wednesday by Scott MacIntyre alleges the mayor was behind an assault at a Toronto jail in March 2012 that was intended to keep MacIntrye quiet about Ford's abuse of alcohol and drugs.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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