R&B singer Ari Lennox arrested in Amsterdam after accusing airline staff of racial discrimination

Dutch police say Lennox was arrested for "disturbing public order" while being under the influence of alcohol.

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Monday, November 29, 2021
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AMSTERDAM (KABC) -- R&B singer Ari Lennox was arrested at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on Monday after accusing airline staff of racial discrimination, ABC News confirmed.

Dutch military police at the Schiphol Airport, the main international airport of the Netherlands, say Lennox was arrested for "disturbing public order" while being under the influence of alcohol.

Lennox, whose real name Courtney Shanade Salter, posted a series of tweets early Monday morning confirming her arrest.

In one tweet, she wrote, "I'm being arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a woman racially profiling me."

Dutch police responded to Lennox's claims of racial discrimination, saying they were made aware of her statements, but that their focus is on the investigation.

"I also read that she made an apology to the airline, but that's not our concern," police told ABC News on Monday. "Our concern is to get everything on paper and ask her why she made those threats."

Police said officers attempted to calm the singer down, but that she became "very loud" and "did not want to stop."

"That's when we saw that she was probably under the influence of the alcohol, and this was later confirmed," police said.

Lennox remains in custody, according to police.

Investigators said there's a possibility she could be released on Monday, but that the decision ultimately lies in the hands of the public prosecutor's office.

Lennox made her debut with her 2019 album "Shea Butter Baby" under Dreamville Records, which is led by rapper J. Cole.

The title track, "Shea Butter Baby," features the North Carolina rapper and can also be heard on the Creed II soundtrack.

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