Baby proves love of Halloween candy with funny answers to dad's questions

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Thursday, October 13, 2016
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This baby is testing out the word ''yeah,'' and she'll use it to answer any question except one.

This baby loves to speak the word "yeah," but you won't catch her saying it when she's asked one question in particular.

The cute toddler, named Adelynne, gave the response to nearly every question her dad asked, such as "Would you like me to take away all your toys and sell them?" and "Would you like to be grounded 'til you're 20?"

However, when asked her dad asked, "Can I eat all of your Halloween candy?" the response was definitive "No!"

Her dad, Jesse, laughed at how protective the tot was of her candy, saying, "I guess she knows what she wants!"

Jesse and his wife Jill document their parenting adventures on their YouTube page, where they post videos of Adelynne (now 2 years old) and her little brother Taylen. The family posted the video just after Halloween in 2015, when the candy-loving YouTube star dressed up as Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.