Her saving 'Grace:' Pandemic hobby turns into business for creative maker of cookie pies

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021
Take a bite out of these ooey gooey cookie pies
After taking up baking as a quarantine hobby, Grace Reilly created her internet-famous cookie pies and now a year later has opened up a storefront.

BABYLON VILLAGE, New York -- Grace Reilly had never considered herself a baker until the pandemic turned her new hobby into a full-fledged business.

Reilly's treats, however, are not something you normally find in a bakery.

She creates what she calls cookie pies by layering the dough and toppings into an aluminum pie tin.

"I just got like really bored, and I wanted a new hobby, so I started to bake," said Reilly. "That is when I started to put them in pie tins because I didn't like that the stuffing would come out, and then it would be really ugly."

As soon as you cut the cookie pie in half, the ingredients start to ooze out of the middle.

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"I've always been creative and trying to sell my own things," said Reilly. "That is when I decided to sell the hobby I started to make."

Soon enough, Baked with Grace took off, and her sales went from friends and family to people all across the nation.

"Every time I see someone post on Instagram, I'm like, oh my God," said Reilly, who has over 15,000 followers on her account.

"I love my business. I love how cute everything is, so to see other people enjoying it as well is just amazing," said Reilly.

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Most recently, Reilly opened up a storefront in Babylon Village where her customers can now go in person to purchase her treats.

Reilly looks forward to expanding her newfound passion and experimenting with more flavors for her customers to enjoy.

Her three most popular are birthday cake, cookies and cream, and rainbow cookie.

"Some of the craziest ones I've done is candy craze," said Reilly. "It has pretzels, M&M's, potato chips, caramel, just all over the board."


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