Harvey-damaged Barbara Bush Library to reopen

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Monday, May 14, 2018
Harvey-damaged Barbara Bush Library to reopen in May
The library named for former first lady Barbara Bush will reopen in May after sustaining major damage during Hurricane Harvey.

SPRING, Texas -- The persistence and passion of Mrs. Bush can be seen at the Harris County Library that bears her name.

Harris County Public Library Director Edward Melton said, "It's not only the children she's impacted in terms of thousands of children, but families impacted by her works in terms of literacy."

A month ago, the first shipment of new books on the road to recovery from Harvey arrived at the Barbara Bush Branch Library at Cypress Creek in Harris County. The first floor of the library was destroyed by flooding, and the entire collection of children's books was destroyed. The building is reopening today.

Mrs. Bush is passionate in her belief that many of our nation's problems could be solved if every man, woman and child could read and write. She has a very special place on a wall mural overlooking the children's books.

"Literacy starts at a very young age. With the work and dedication she has in terms of supporting youth literacy, it really has impacted lives into Harris County. Thousands," Melton said.

Pictures of the library archives show her visits through the years. You can see reading, and children bring a glimmer to her eye, and a joy to her heart.

"Her legacy will go on for decades and decades. As long as people can read or have challenges in terms of reading, her work will still be needed," Melton said.

A quote from her on the library wall reads, "Libraries are more than a home for books. Libraries are information centers that allow us to learn more about ourselves and the world in which we live."