Generous donation from Emmy winning 'Black Lady Sketch Show' helps replenish 'Beauty 2 the Streetz'

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Saturday, August 12, 2023
Nonprofit 'Beauty 2 the Streetz' helps build women's self-esteem
Nonprofit 'Beauty 2 the Streetz' helps uplift women experiencing homelessness by providing food, clothing, hygiene products, even wigs! The foundation recently received a generous donation from the wardrobe department from the Emmy winning comedy series 'A Black Lady Sketch Show.'

SIGNAL HILL, Calif. (KABC) -- For one Southern California woman, helping women who are experiencing homelessness has become her greatest mission and her greatest joy. Shirley Raines truly cares about people. Her focus is on giving back to those who need help.

We first met Raines four years ago. She founded Beauty 2 the Streetz - a nonprofit to support the homeless - primarily women. She provides them with not only food, but also hair and makeup... clothing and hygiene products... even new wigs.

"It's really a small grassroots nonprofit but we try to make a big footprint in the homeless communities," said Raines.

We caught up with Raines again at her local warehouse, where they just received a huge donation.

"They just called yesterday asked if we wanted it - we said yes," said Raines.

It came from HBO's "A Black Lady Sketch Show." They donated boxes and boxes of shoes, clothing, purses - even lashes, and yes more wigs... all so Raines can do what she loves to do... bringing beauty to the streets.

Raines and her team aren't just offering goods and services, but more importantly a human connection. By documenting the real people they serve, she's hoping to increase awareness to the homeless crisis.