'The Biggest Little Farm: The Return' marks a new look at a Ventura County farming couple

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Saturday, April 23, 2022
'The Biggest Little Farm' sequel highlights Ventura County couple
"The Biggest Little Farm: The Return" now on Disney+ is a sequel to a 2018 documentary about a Ventura County farming couple.

To help celebrate Earth Month, Disney+ is updating a popular documentary about a Ventura County family - "The Biggest Little Farm: The Return."

For the past 10 years, John and Molly Chester have made it their mission to revitalize a 200-plus acre farm. The Chesters told their story in the 2018 award-winning documentary called "The Biggest Little Farm."

Now, they're back with a new special, "The Biggest Little Farm: The Return."

They say their new lifestyle is an ongoing learning experience, and they don't have everything worked out.

"It's just about having the patience to continue to focus on the problem. I always like to say I feel the antidote to our fear living this human existence on the planet is our curiosity. So the more we can look into the problem, it connects us to the very source and that is the natural world," said John.

While the family is focused on farming in a way that is good for our world, they do have two easy tips for the average non-farming family to help the environment.

One is composting.

Another is shop local, especially the farmers market.

"We practiced these principals before we became farmers. We shopped at farmers markets, had a little porch garden." said Molly Chester. "We did it first that way, now we've got a little deeper, and now they can find us at farmers markets and lots of other great farmers."

"The Biggest Little Farm: The Return" is available now on Disney+.

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