The best Black-owned beauty and skincare brands to shop from Ulta and Amazon year-round

ByAmanda Saintina KABC logo
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
black owned beauty brands

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Supporting Black-owned businesses can be a great way to show allyship and discover quality products that are often overlooked. No matter your skin tone, these brands focus on creating inclusive products that will match you perfectly. Check out these brands selected specifically due to their range of shades and highly pigmented makeup products.


Juvia's Place

Juvia's Place, founded by Chichi Eburu is known for its highly pigmented eyeshadow that will radiate off on the deepest of skin tones.


Blushed Duo

  • $18

    The blushed duo palette comes in five different colors. What I love about this palette is that there are both lighter and deeper shades available that complement each other well.


    Culture Eyeshadow Palette

    • $38

      There are 24 colors in the vibrant 'Culture Eyeshadow Palette' each named to represent the rich culture of Africa. These shades are fun and colorful. They're perfect if you want to add a pop of color to your full-face glam.


      I Am Magic Concealer

      • $14

        This full-coverage concealer comes in 24 different shades. Some great features include that it is both sweat-proof and waterproof. To get the most out of your contour, opt for a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone, in my experience.


        Black Opal has been around for 28 years. They are best known for their high-quality makeup and skincare products, all under $20.


        TRUE COLOR Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation SPF 15

        • $14.50

          Ditch your foundation bottle and replace it with this foundation stick. A foundation stick allows for a more targeted application. What I love about this stick is that you can build up to full coverage without looking or feeling cakey.


          Precision Lip Definer

          • $8.50

            You have probably seen the infamous lip liner and gloss combo all over your 'For You' page on TikTok. This is one new makeup trend I really enjoy. BLK/OPL has these definers available in seven different colors that can last all day.


            Soft Velvet Finishing Powder

            • $13.50

              I use this finishing powder religiously. Some people prefer using banana-colored or clear finishing powder, but I find that it doesn't work well with my skin tone - I end up either too bright or too pale. This finishing powder matches my skin tone, leaving a matte, pore-less look.


              Buttah Skin

              Buttah Skin caters to all skin types and specializes in concerns that are focused on melanin-rich skin, according to the brand.


              Skin Transforming Kit with Facial Shea Butter

              • $65

                This skin-transforming kit has a cleanser, vitamin C serum and facial shea butter. The daily cleanser is gentle and promotes smoother and brighter skin without leaving it dry. If you have wrinkles or stubborn hyperpigmentation, vitamin C is a great solution, according to the brand. Shea butter works as a moisturizer and may help soften or smooth dry skin.


                Egyptian CocoShea Body Wash

                • $29

                  This body wash will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. It is made with cocoa and shea butter and enriched with vitamin extracts. If you suffer from eczema, their formula hydrates the skin for up to 72 hours and is made with marshmallow root extract to lock in moisture, according to the brand.


                  AHA/BHA Rosewater Toner

                  • $21

                    BHA and AHA are exfoliants that can decrease inflammation from acne, rosacea and other skin concerns, according to the brand. This rosewater formula can be your go-to toner and exfoliator.

                    Black Girl Sunscreen


                    Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

                    • $15.99

                      This product is another one of my personal favorites. When buying sunscreen, one of the challenges I find is the white cast it leaves after application. This sunscreen melts right into my skin and I can feel how moisturizing it is. I use this every day, regardless of how sunny it is.


                      Make It Pop Lip Sun Gloss SPF50

                      • $10.99

                        You probably never thought to put sunscreen on your lips. Since our lips are thin and lack melanin (which acts as a natural sun defense), they have less natural protection from the sun. Using sunscreen on your lips can help with dryness and sunburn, according to the brand.

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