Break Room 86, secretive '80s-themed bar and karaoke lounge in L.A., is sight to behold

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Break Room 86, the '80s-themed bar and karaoke lounge, is a sight to behold.

Located in an alley adjacent to the LINE Los Angeles hotel, a secret entrance (of course) leads you to a bar decked out in cassette tapes and album covers, arcade games and TV monitors showing music videos.

There are four karaoke rooms that you can reserve, alcoholic push pops and wine coolers that you shouldn't drink if you want to be a functioning adult the next day.

A small dance floor fills up as the night goes on, and impromptu performances happen both on the main stage and the hidden one behind the bar.

It's worth experiencing, even if it's just once, on a Tuesday, when you might be able to sing "I Think We're Alone Now," in one of the karaoke rooms and actually mean it.

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