'Devastation, heartbreak' - homeowner watches house burn, explode before his eyes

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Homeowner watches home burn, explode
Homeowner Scott Drew was watching as the roof of his home exploded amid the flames of the Canyon Fire 2 in Anaheim Hills.

ANAHEIM HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- With firefighters desperately working on structure protection efforts, a number of homes have been consumed by the flames of the Canyon Fire 2 in Anaheim Hills.

The wind-driven brush fire, first reported around 10 a.m., has consumed at least 2,000 acres as it spread quickly through the Anaheim Hills area.

Eyewitness News observed at least nine homes that were destroyed by flames. The number may increase as the fire continues spreading and as assessments continue.

One homeowner stood on Via El Estribo and just watched as his home burned before his eyes.

As he stood there, a piece of the roof exploded, sending debris scattering into the air. Other homes on the street were also catching fire.

The Canyon Fire 2 has consumed multiple homes in Anaheim Hills.

"Devastation. Heartbreak," said homeowner Scott Drew, describing his feelings at seeing his home of the last four years burn.

Firefighters, he said, worked hard to protect his house and the others.

"They were battling hard. They tried. I walked up on it and they had a ton of water going, helicopter drops, but it wasn't enough to save it."