Bryan Cranston shares the screen with a gorilla in new Disney+ movie 'The One and Only Ivan'

The new Disney+ film is based on a book, a true story about a gorilla who spent 27 years performing at an indoor mall in Tacoma.

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Friday, August 21, 2020
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Bryan Cranston is the leading human star of the emotional new Disney+ family movie, "The One and Only Ivan."

Bryan Cranston is the leading human star of the new movie, "The One and Only Ivan." The Disney+ film is based on an award-winning book about a gorilla named Ivan who spent 27 years performing at an indoor shopping mall in Tacoma.

Cranston plays the ringmaster of a struggling big top show. Ivan, a western lowland gorilla, is his star.

The primate and his fellow performers attempt to escape from their lives in captivity - so, the idea of animals living in captivity comes into play here. Cranston says the story not only resonated with him, it had an emotional impact.

"It's not to present a film to say, 'This is what it should be.' It's presenting the truth and allowing audiences to determine on their own how they feel about those things," said Cranston.

Director Thea Sharrock made a movie that appeals to all generations.

"You know, one of the things that Thea Sharrock really strived to do is to create a true family experience and this is that. 'Ivan' has wonderful surprises, good laugh lines. You're going to laugh and you may cry throughout it because it's sweet and there's a lovely message about the relationship humans have to animals," said Cranston.

Some of these animals are voiced by Angelina Jolie, who's also a producer, as well as Helen Mirren, Danny DeVito and Sam Rockwell as "Ivan."

"And we're working opposite CGI animals. None of the animals in the movie are real. They're all computer graphic," said Cranston.

"The One and Only Ivan" is available for viewing on Disney+ Friday, Aug. 21.

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