Josh Duhamel makes sequel to 'Buddy Games," again directing, writing and starring

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Thursday, May 18, 2023
'Buddy Games' gets sequel with Josh Duhamel again starring, directing
"Buddy Games: Spring Awakening" is Josh Duhamel's sequel to the comedy he directed during the pandemic.

LOS ANGELES -- During the pandemic, Josh Duhamel became a director with the R-rated comedy, "Buddy Games."

He also starred in it, co-wrote it and was a producer. Now, two and a half years later, there is a sequel.

Duhamel directs and leads the ensemble cast of "Buddy Games: Spring Awakening."

Castmate Kevin Dillon was happy to return.

"It's fun and it's funny," he said. "But it's really about the heart and how much these guys love each other. And they'll do anything for each other."

In the sequel, one of the buddies has died and the other guys take it upon themselves to take their friend's ashes so they can spread them somewhere he'd appreciate. They just didn't know it would be during the craziness of spring break.

Like the first "Buddy Games," this one has some edgy moments.

"Some of my favorite comedies are the ones that are completely unapologetic," Duhamel said. "And you look at it and go, 'I cannot believe they just went there.' And that's what we did in the first one and we tried to do the same thing. And this one? This one's a little bit different. But it's got those same things."

"Whether people admit it or not, they like movies that are a little bit naughty," he added. "And this movie is a little bit naughty."

Co-star Dan Bakkedahl joked: "It's practically a documentary. We've practically made 'An Inconvenient Truth' twice, except the comedy version."

Duhamel continued, "If you could have seen us, me and my real group of boys back in the day at spring break, it does feel like a documentary."

"Buddy Games: Spring Awakening" is rated R. It's new to theaters this weekend.