Is the California Dream still alive? A look at the state's future | Part 2

What does the "California Dream" mean in 2021? With the state grappling with issues like a pandemic-induced economic recession, social justice, and climate change, some say California is not the home they remember.

"California Dreaming: The Future of the Golden State" is a docuseries from the ABC Owned Television Stations in partnership with National Geographic that will look at the future of what the California dream means, and the people working to find solutions to keep the dream alive.

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Episode 6: Cultural Diversity
Few places in the world offer more cultural diversity than California. We talk to experts about why this diversity is the true gold behind the Golden State's past, present and future.

Episode 7: Activism
California is a leader in transformational activism with residents often turning protests in the streets into change through legislation. Hear from one teen, who's own activism brought to light a part of her family's history she didn't know existed.

Episode 8: Central Valley Tech Jobs
You may not think of California's Central Valley as the place for up-and-coming talent in the technology industry, but one company is looking to change that.

Episode 9: Parental Rights
California has led the way in parental rights, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the limitations and disparities of that system. We explore new policies and possibilities for creative solutions to provide work/home balance.

Episode 10: The Undocumented Dream
California has by far the most immigrants of any state in the country, but the Golden State was not always this welcoming. We look at how a darker moment in the state lead to where we are today.

Episode 11: Coastal Ecosystems
California's unique coastline is part of what makes the Golden State so special, but there are threats to this precious resource. We talk to experts about what needs to be done to protest California's coast.

Episode 12: Keeping Highway 1 Open
California has many unique landmarks, but none quite captures the beauty of the state than Highway 1. But its location also creates struggles, mainly from landslides. Top engineering minds explain how they are constantly working to keep this landmark open and safe.

Episode 13: Water Sustainability
California's Central Valley is no stranger to drought, and because of that, farmers and scientists are joining forces to figure out how to get by with less.

Episode 14: COVID Economic Recovery
Throughout its history, California has experienced several significant economic booms and busts. The coronavirus pandemic-induced recession is only the latest test of the Golden State's resilience.

Episode 15: Robotic Farming
If you look at your plate, chances are what you are eating comes from California. But many of these crops are being threatened by climate change and rising temperatures. We look at some tech solutions involving robots that could help California's agriculture industry remain strong.

Episode 16: Entertainment Industry
The Golden State's film and television industry is more than just glitz and glamour, it's a vital part of the California economy. Experts explain how we can keep the entertainment industry strong.

Episode 17: Tech Exodus?
While California's tech industry is becoming more competitive with some companies leaving for other states, experts say the assets California has to offer keep it as the tech capital.

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